SUBBASES - Maintenance and repair


A floor in perfect state of conservation optimizes workflow, preserves vehicles and operator’s health, with significant cost savings.

Prima is structured to offer a highly qualified maintenance service (even programmed) and industrial floor repair, bringing them to fine conditions both in terms of functional appearance and durability.

Deterioration’s reasons of your floors can be multiple:

  • surface wear, with resulting dust dispersion, holes, cracks and breaks formation.
  • loss of flatness due to wear
  • contact with chemicals
  • incorrect design
  • breaking of construction and contraction joints
  • cracking and widening of cracks
  • scrapping the surface due to frost in outer floors
  • deformation of concrete slabs, also caused by subsidence of substrate
  • degraded caused by handling means with hard wheels

Our cycles, based on high performance and low emission materials, made with the latest generation equipment designed to ensure that no dust is dispersed, are the guarantee of very rapid execution times, in order to limit the interference with production flow of the Customer’s business.


Restoring cracks, joints, and degraded area

We evaluate cracks present on flooring (position, width and depth, artifact years of life) to identify the most suitable solution for their restoration, and the interruption of the cracking phenomenon.

Prima also restores damaged joints: after a preliminary inspection, we offer to customer the possible solutions suitable to do reconstruction with resinous or cement mortars, or we install the Smart Joint, our definitive and exclusive solution to restore in only 12 hours damaged joints, canceling future maintenance needs.

With this kind of intervention, we grant the joint resistance to stresses caused by heavy and intense traffic. With proper joint maintenance, you’ll have cost savings also on handling vehicles maintenance (wheels, tabs, mechanical parts) which will no longer be subject to glitches and vibrations and will comply with warranty plans. Last but not least the importance of health benefits for operators and the prevention of occupational illness.

Prima also deals with localized restoration of holes and degraded areas by rapid drying and high resistance epoxy formulated.

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Maintenance and repair

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