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DICKSON® FLOORS - Environments


Enhance your commercial space, making it more welcoming and elegant, with the versatile Dickson® vinyl woven design flooring solutions. Affirm the identity of the activity with elegance, without sacrificing performance, by cladding your interior spaces with Dickson® collections.

Subjected to high foot traffic at all times of the day, they are resistant to heavy traffic (use class 33), designed for intense commercial use, are vinyl woven floors more resistant to dirt and easier to clean thanks to the integrated protective varnish (Cleangard® technology).

Our technical team will be able to meet your design needs, answer all your questions and guide you in the choice of materials, design, and construction.



The well-being of employees also concerns the design of the floors. Dickson ® solutions offer greater well-being and comfort and easy cleaning thanks to CleanGard® technology.

Dickson® floors are suitable for all the problems in professional premises. They comply with Class 33 and meet the requirements of high-traffic environments. They also provide a high level of comfort thanks to their exceptional acoustic performance (18 dB). They have a 15-year warranty, are resistant and help maintain healthy indoor air quality.



Give customers an unforgettable experience. Welcoming in a warm and comfortable, unique environment. To decorate hotel floors, we offer innovative and technical solutions that combine comfort, design and ease of maintenance.

Highly decorative graphic design, contemporary patterns, and textures in soothing colours: Dickson® woven vinyl floors are infinitely adaptable. You can create a unique setting by playing with rhythms, perspectives, and reflections. From the hall, common areas, restaurant, and corridors, up to the bedrooms. Multiple collections to shape all projects.

Dickson® floors meet several technical requirements. Under stress at any time of the day, they are extremely easy to clean thanks to the integrated protective varnish (Cleangard® technology).

Furthermore, these products offer exceptional acoustic insulation (18 dB).

Our technicians are at your complete disposal to help you design the floors of your hotel.