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Industrial painting is often considered a technically simple and easy operation. In reality, an excellent result is obtained thanks to the specialization and experience gained over the years by the company, which has qualified personnel trained in the use of all necessary means in this field.
After the analysis and cleaning of the support, the painting proceeds with specific products that are suitable, depending on the case, suitable to solve problems such as the presence of mold or needs dictated by the nature of the work activity, such as food, fire protection.

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Interior painting of industrial buildings

When renovating an industrial building to give it a proper image, whether it is a property to be rented to third parties or the headquarters of a company, it is important to be able to renovate and repaint it to give it a sense of order and decorum.

Prima Pavimenti is also specialized in the interior painting of industrial halls, warehouses and logistics centers.


Interior painting of hospital environments

The healthcare infrastructure, both public and private, require increasingly complex solutions in light of today’s times. A suitable coloring of the walls arises from the need to find an integrated offer of products and services suitable to meet the different needs of the hospital environment and professionals, also considering the impact on the patient. Patient safety is always a top priority, and the spread of bacteria in hospital environments is always a concern. To greatly reduce the risks to patients caused by the increasing number of multiresistant pathogens present in these environments, it is important to treat walls properly to reduce the risks to patients. The paint layer provides aseptic conditions for the surfaces of walls and ceilings and long-lasting active protection against mold, fungi, and microorganisms formation. Additionally, the silver particles present have a permanent bactericidal effect.

Both in case of renovation and new construction, our technicians are at your disposal for the analysis of the project and any technical constraints, for the assessment of the needs, and the color consulting, without neglecting the aesthetic appearance and customizations.
The special formulation of our paints has a high resistance to the most common disinfectants and exceptional cleanliness and washing to ensure high hygiene standards, scratch resistance, bumps, and signs of time.


Painting of external metal facades

The painting of the facades is certainly important as it represents the business card of the company. In this case, we refurbish the exterior metallic surfaces, not only to requalify them but also to protect them from atmospheric agents and corrosion.

We use only the best materials that are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly, durable, and can withstand climate agents and environmental factors that affect durability. We always try to optimize the working time to prevent commercial activities or industrial production from shutting down for a long period of time. Our professional paint service for these buildings ensures that the construction time and the shared concept are respected.