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RESIN FLOORS - Headquarters

The requirements imposed on a flooring system depend on the purpose of the building and its areas, such as reception, common spaces, offices, data centres, stairs or technical rooms. Our approach consists in supporting professionals throughout all decision-making phases, from planning to construction, informing about a wide range of possibilities and identifying technical solutions which are most suitable for project requirements. This way allows realizing the most performing floorings for each environment, wheter new construction, renovation or modernisation.



An innovative and specific proposal, where tones, linearity and outcome become vital material for the contemporary interior design, with an additional advantage: maximum reliability under all conditions. This is possible thanks to high-performance characteristics of mechanical and abrasion resistance realizing continuous and uninterrupted surfaces.

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These environments require excellent soundproofing, which reduces the noise transmission effect a heavy transit of people take place.

In the offices sound-absorbing combined with a nice appearance, a high pattering comfort and a minimum level of noisiness, have all equal importance.

Making a good impression at the first meeting, also through the flooring.

Reinforcing the company brand. Besides resistance and durability, the same importance is given to customized solutions that meet customer requirements, from horizontal signage to company logos.

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Flexible and innovative workspaces for events, meetings and gatherings. Environments for live events or equipped rooms for virtual meetings. Company boardrooms. Besides sound-absorbing, resistance and durability, everything is highly customizable by the use of colour and company logos.

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By dustproof coloured painting epoxy systems, it is possible to combine high resistance, safety and aesthetics in office stairs. Smooth, monochromatic and minimalist effect.

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Flooring choice has to be led by hygiene and ease of cleaning, but above all by anti-slip properties to ensure safety and durability.

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Requirements for basements and technical rooms flooring are mainly functional. As for any other structural element in contact with the ground, in these cases, the risk is exposure to external humidity. These rooms need a water-based epoxy resin coating.

Whereas for technical rooms like data centres, epoxy resin-based systems designed to respond to AST/ESD standards are suitable. They are ideal for environments where electrostatic discharges protection is necessary.

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  • Headquarters
  • Public offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Coworking areas
  • Representative offices
  • Open offices

Workplace areas

  • Reception area
  • Executive offices
  • Standard offices
  • Open offices
  • Coworking area
  • Meeting area
  • Conference room
  • Boardroom
  • Corridors, stairs
  • Canteen
  • Toilets
  • Technical rooms
  • Multi-storey car park
  • Outdoor



A simple and well-organized signage is the key to a safer work environment. You can use corporate colors to define collection points, escape routes, how to reach parts of the building. The signage made with polyurethane painting has excellent resistance to washing with common detergents.


Acoustic comfort

Antistatic constraints

Crack bridging ability

HACCP Certified

Working Safe


VOC Free

Bfl-s1 fire class

Contribute to the building’s Leed score