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Dickson® Woven vinyl flooring Collections

Dickson® flooring combines the use and strength qualities of vinyl flooring while offering the aesthetics and unique texture of textile coverings. They are ideal for the most demanding public environments.

Resistance, comfort and design, available in multiple textures and colors. Discover the collections.



Embossed texture. Raw and natural texture, lively, irregular. Its softness and intensity are reminiscent of sisal fabrics. Wide range of chromatic nuances, from light to dark tones, and neutral shades alternate with vibrant hues.


Mirage Orpiment J560
Mirage Polar J558
Mirage Sepia J555
Mirage Serandite J561
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Grained texture. The grain is mostly dark, creating an interplay with the colorful base. The delicate tones subtly bring the surface to life. A few deeper touches accentuate the softness of this range with its fresh hues.


Allure Caldera Rose J542
Allure Celadon Green J539
Allure Iridium Silver J514
Allure Zaffre Blue J515
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Deep colors and sparkling graphics. TLike froth or fluffy clouds blending harmoniously with another surface of nuanced shades, Écume has an elegant, contemporary pattern. Available in a range of deep, natural colors, its texture adapts to any room design.


Ecume Bowland Blue J519
Ecume Cheviot Red J545
Ecume Kopi Bronze J520
Ecume Xenon Grey J521
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Delicately velvety appearance, plain colour. Élégance is a timeless basic with a soothing and discretely semi-plain texture that works in any environment. It is available in a neutral or subtly colorful palette that accents its timeless dimension. Élégance is a new generation of redesigned plains.


Elegance Almond Green J551
Elegance Arden Green J530
Elegance Pacifica Blue J552
Elegance Smoke J531
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Elegance Islay Blue J533 – Elegance Stone J532


Trompe-l’oeil pattern. A harmonious weave with a resolutely modern motif for settings filled with emotion and bold, distinctive designs. This timeless range of classic neutrals comes in nuances of gray with deep and delicate hues.


Empreinte Pennine Grey J510
Empreinte Selene Bronze J536
Empreinte Titanium Silver J537
Empreinte Tungsten Silver J509
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Empreinte Selene Bronze J536


Suspended patterns, lively and delicate. The texture of Cosmos, scattered with lively shapes, moves in one direction, then another, to create a gentle, slightly wavy rhythm. Available in a basic range of naturally stylish neutral tones, this line produces a pleasant, delicate effect. This lively motif is a vision of perpetual motion.


Cosmos Jet Black J511
Cosmos Marron Black J512
Cosmos Sky Silver J513
Cosmos Stronsay Beige J538
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