Polishing treatment: Prima Polishing Fast System

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POLISHING TREATMENT: Prima Polishing Fast System

Polishing treatment

To overcome the porosity (and consequent deterioration) of concrete floors, even those with a dust finish, we have an exclusive solution: the Prima Polishing Fast System, the rapid polishing system that transforms your flooring into a resistant surface, reflective and easy to clean.

The treated floor will not withstand dust, get oils, and grease, etc. stretching over time maintenance works. Furthermore processing times of our treatment are very fast, in just 12 hours we make very large surfaces, immediately available for use.

  1. Increasing of durability
  2. Better performances
  3. Better appereance
  4. Easier cleaning
  5. Delay future maintenance
  6. Lower the costs

Look at the Prima Polishing Fast System video.