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CONCRETE FLOORS - Without joints

Concrete industrial floors are usually made with a single casting of 800-1000 sqm each, then cropped in equal-sized squares, proportional to the thickness.

These cuts, obtained with diamond disc cutters, are called contraction joints, and they are useful to contain deformations and stresses triggered by volumetric retraction of concrete mass, losing much of its water content while it dries.

The joints therefore represent the weakness of all the floors because at the junction points of the joints, flooring tends to deform (curling) and during time cracks will appear. Furthermore, joints are sensitive to intense traffic of handling means.

Prima can make concrete floors without joints, even on large surfaces, with the use of particular formulated concrete and special reinforcements, that is to say the METHOD OF CONCRETE WITH CONTROLLED RETREAT, or with the POSTENSION TECHNOLOGY.

We provides you our experience in the delicate analysis and project phase, before doing intervention, in order to study flooring layout concrete mix necessary to obtain very high quality standards.

The Jointless method requires a high preparation and knowledge on the behavior of materials, as well as a great shipbuilding and executive capability, peculiar to structured companies with long specific experience.

Concrete floors without joints have following advantages:

  • elimination of maintenance costs related to degradation of the joints;
  • increase in the transit speed of the handling vehicles;
  • decrease in maintenance costs for handling vehicles;
  • decrease in occupational diseases arising from jolts and collisions;
  • abrasion and chemical agents resistance.

We use the Laser Screed technology for laying concrete floors without joints.

Laser Screed: the technology used for concrete floors without joints

We use our Laser Screed technology for laying concrete floors without joints.
With this system the concrete is vibrated, thus eliminating the air inside it. The surface turns out to be more compact and resistant, in addition to significantly reducing the time required for construction and installation.
The Laser Screed allows to use concrete consistency class S3, as an alternative to S4-S5 concrete consistency type used in traditional casting, with a considerable economic saving, improving strength and quality.