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Resin is a very versatile product, nowadays increasingly chosen thanks to its high performances. It excellently responds to specific needs of each sector, both in terms of performances and functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Selected by architects and interior designers, for their aesthetic and emotional features.
Continuous research and attention to innovation led us to offer more and more tech solutions, highly customizable and eco-friendly (polluting and solvent-free materials respecting our environment and health).

Available in multiple formulations and combinations, they respond positively to the high standards required by our customers. They guarantee chemical resistance or wear, conductivity or elasticity, easy sanitizing and maintenance, durability, continuous and hygienic surfaces, in compliance with regulations related to each industrial branch.
Resin is the most suitable material for newly or heavily damaged floors requiring functional recovery or renewal, considering that our intervention or maintenance work may be minimally invasive and execution times are short, representing a clear advantage for our customer.