Laser Screed Laying

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CONCRETE FLOORS - Laser Screed Laying

To realize industrial floors with controlled flatness in logistics and warehouses, Prima uses Laser Screed vibrating machine: a computerized control machine, specially designed for levelling and vibrating industrial concrete flooring. It is equipped with a telescopic arm, at the end of which is placed a vibrant screed allowing the concrete to be machined.

Flatness is monitored during the casting phase, allowing us to produce remarkable slabs (up to 2,500 square meters per day) with a large decrease both of construction joints and of potential flatness defects that could occur during the laying process.

There are considerable benefits using Laser Screed technology over laying according to the traditional method:

  • Concrete consistency class S3 can be used, as an alternative to the S4-S5 concrete consistency type used in traditional casting, with considerable economic savings;
  • shorter laying times, more square meters realized each day,
  • reduction of construction joints, extending over time maintenance work,
  • superior strength: thanks to Laser Screed process, concrete includes less air, becoming less porous, furthermore surfaces have better planarity tolerance, being laser controlled at a rate of 300 pulses per minute.

The laser screed vibrating machine at work.
The vibrant screed allowing the concrete to be machined.
Laser Screed flooring.