Horizontal log-life signage

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Horizontal long-life signage

Colored coating, UV polymerized, with high chemical and mechanical performances to realize horizontal signage in both internal and external environments.

Prima Fast Line System not only ensures a long service life of your signage, but it’s also in compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations concerning volatile organic compound emissions and pollution in general. This innovative system significantly reduces maintenance costs and application times, ensuring the highest quality.


Prima Fast Line System, makes production facilities, workstations, logistic centers, etc. safer, reducing long-term costs.
Compared to traditional methods, the application of this system offers the following advantages:

  • Greater adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance.
  • Immediate treatment and reduction of plant shutdown costs.
  • No smell.
  • No problem with application temperatures: -26° C to + 45° C.
  • Excellent resistance to acidic base chemicals, inks, colored pigments, solvents and tire impressions.
  • Extended exercise life.
  • Long-lasting gloss.
  • High resistance to UV rays.
  • Maintenance and low cleaning costs.


  • Delimitation of the various areas in production units, including walkways.
  • Warehouses and logistics, storage areas, goods handling and walkways.
  • Parking spaces: car stalls, ways.

How does it work?

Prima Fast Line System is based on innovative new generation products whose polymerization reaction is induced by the passage of a photo-polymerizing machine equipped with UV lamp. As soon as the applied products come into contact with the UV light of the machine, the coating immediately becomes a dry, hard and uniform film, strongly adherent to the substrate.


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