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RESIN FLOORS - Electronics

In challenging environments, it must meet the needs of each activity, ensuring surface continuity, increased resistance and avoiding the accumulation of dirt and dust, factors that facilitate ESD (electrostatic discharge) phenomena, to protect equipment, the environment, and people. Effective protection against potential damage caused by electrostatic discharges is provided by ESD protected areas, known as EPAs (Electrostatic Protected Areas). Within these areas, special precautions are taken to handle ESD-sensitive components safely. The ATEX zone (an acronym for ATmosphères EXplosibles, i.e. ‘explosive atmosphere’) or classified zone is a physical volume part of a plant or work area in which the presence of a potentially explosive atmosphere has been assessed, in which flammable substances in the form of vapours, gases, mists or dusts are present with air under certain atmospheric conditions and in which possible combustion may cause deflagration. In order to obtain conductive, dissipative or antistatic flooring, resins with higher or lower electrical conductivity values are used, with a copper network drowned and connected to ground system.



  • Electromechanical and electronics industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical and industrial gas manufacturing
  • Textile and petrochemical industry
  • Explosives manufacturing industry
  • Fireworks manufacturing industry
  • Flammable warehouses


  • Electronic component assembly departments
  • Departments with electronic equipment, components and devices
  • Electronic equipment laboratories
  • Operating and diagnostic imaging rooms
  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Pharmaceutical sterile environments
  • Medical gas distribution areas
  • Hazardous goods warehouses
  • Hazardous production and storage areas
  • Data centres

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