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To protect against unwanted infiltration and environmental pollution, Prima Pavimenti offers complete waterproofing solutions.

We use the MasterSeal range of products from Master Builders Solutions. This guarantees a more effective and durable waterproofing solution that preserves the integrity of the structure, even on surfaces with a large number of fixed installations resting on the surface to be waterproofed.

The systems can be applied using special equipment. They are very versatile and suitable for the renovation and protection of many structures. Masterseal systems are suitable for coating old bituminous coatings at the end of their life, sheet metal, concrete, bricks, ceramics, wood, and many other types of surfaces.

MasterSeal: high-performing waterproofing

MasterSeal products are designed to meet specific customer, application, and sector requirements. Mechanical, chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance are guaranteed.

These systems adhere monolithically to the substrate and have very high elasticity and crack-bridging properties. This means that the coating remains intact even if the substrate cracks.

They comply with the principles defined in the UNI EN 1504/2 standard (“Systems for the protection of concrete surfaces”).


  • Multi-storey car parks, intermediate floors, roofs and ramps, garages
  • Shopping centres
  • All horizontal industrial surfaces subjected to high mechanical stress
  • Airports
  • Foundations
  • Walls against the ground
  • Large metal roofsFlat roofs
  • Steel pipe and tank linings
  • Fuel pipelines
  • Purification plants
  • Wastewater and firefighting tanks
  • Sewers and cesspools
  • Irrigation channels
  • Swimming pools and aquariums
  • Playgrounds
  • Bridge treatment


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Large metal roofs.
Warehouses and pipelines.
Multi-storey car parks, roofing and ramps, commercial roofing.
Elastomeric, solvent-free, ultra-fast hardening polyurethane membrane, to be applied by spray, suitable for waterproofing roofs and horizontal surfaces that can be walked on, sheet metal, roofs of industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals. Sloping or inverted roofs, tanks, bridges and viaducts.

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1. Mechanically prepared substrate.
2. Coat with epoxy resin dusted with spheroidal quartz
3. Coat of self-levelling, fillerised, low-viscosity, high-elasticity two-component polyurethane binder dusted with spheroidal quartz
4. Two-component, self-levelling, neutral-coloured, fillerised, flexible, two-component polyurethane binder coat, dusted with spheroidal quartz
5. Coat of Ral-coloured, UV-resistant polyurethane resin
Elastic coating suitable for indoor and outdoor concrete floors and cracked or cracking-prone concrete substrates in structures such as parking garages, multi-storey car parks, bridges, walkways, etc.

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