CONCRETE FLOORS - Controlled Flatness

Controlled flatness industrial floors are suitable in environments as warehouses, logistics, where surfaces have must not be irregular in order to make more standing possible loads and goods moving. Our solutions take into account the handling system within the customer company to optimize safe goods flow.

Flooring, especially in lanes, between shelves, must guarantee high resistance to mechanical stress, abrasion, shocks, overturning, dispersion of aggressive oils or chemicals, wear caused by continuous transit of mechanical means such as forklifts and AGV’s. In vertical warehouses lanes have a very small width and trilateral forklifts move goods in height without lowering the load, so it becomes evident the need of maximum planarity to avoid any movement or inclination, even a few inches, of carried load.

We make floorings according to the flatness criteria, still reducing the concavity or convexity gap in high-shelf automatic warehouses and use of forklifts to great heights, where tolerances required are even more severe; in these cases we propose the planing system, made with specific equipments that operate with a tenth of a millimeter precision, thus obtaining very flat “rails”.

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Flooring between shelves must guarantee high resistance to mechanical stress especially in lanes.