CONCRETE FLOORS - Other Finishing Systems

  • Sanding with quartz: to increase resistance to abrasion and impacts. Available in different colors, it gives a pleasant aesthetic appearance.
  • concrete topping with hard thick mortar: with anti-wear mixture composed of spheroidal quartz and suitable binder, applied on the wet concrete.
  • Protective transparent treatments. Concrete industrial flooring is the cheapest and lasting solution for a base that has to meet multiple needs of any manufacturing activity; however as it is a porous artifact, it retains the dirt (dust, oils, grease, etc.); so cleaning is not always easy. The consequence is that over time it undergoes a surface degradation and leads dust formation. To overcome these problems, it is possible to apply transparent protective products (on new floors, or still in good conditions) impregnating and consolidating concrete, saturating and reducing porosity and absorption of pollutants. Prima offers multiple solutions such as:
  • Impregnations with water epoxy resins to give dustproof properties to industrial floorings.

  • Consolidating treatments with lithium-based products penetrating concrete porosity, giving to flooring more chemical and wear resistance.
  • Different treatments with the most innovative products designed to reduce maintenance, cleaning costs, and delay future repairs.
  • Concrete finishing by “Prima Polishing Fast System”: to avoid porosity (and consequent deterioration) of concrete floors, even with quartz finish, we have an exclusive solution: Prima Polishing Fast System, fast polishing system transforming your flooring in a resistant, reflective and easy to clean surface. The treated floor will not withstand dust, get oils, and grease, etc. stretching over time maintenance works. Furthermore, our intervention timing is very fast, in just 12 hours we complete the work and your floor is immediately at your disposal.

Our traditional concrete flooring combines practicality and convenience, they are featured by hardness, waterproofness, abrasion resistance and durability, suitable for all loads, both industrial and commercial, they are high quality final products.