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Fiber reinforced Post-tensioned flooring

The post-tensioned industrial floors in reinforced concrete combine the advantages of the post-tensioning technique and the high structural performance of fiber-reinforced concrete.

Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is a composite material based on a specific mix design of concrete to which metallic or synthetic fibers are added (depending on the case). The different components of the fiber-reinforced concrete (cement, water, aggregates, fibers, additives, additions, expansive agents, SRA) are mixed and proportioned in an appropriate way for the purpose, in order to create a flooring in accordance with the design requirements, both in the fresh state and hardened state.

The use of fibers in concrete is effective for

  • reduce shrinkage cracking
  • replace, in whole or in part, the reinforcement (welded mesh).

The fiber-reinforced post-tensioned flooring represents a more durable and technologically advanced solution as the mixed fibers in the concrete create a truly distributed reinforcement in addition to the active reinforcement of post-tension.