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Pavimenti per ufficio in PVC

PVC FLOORING - Headquarters

The requirements imposed on a flooring system depend on the purpose of the building and its areas, such as reception, common spaces, offices, data centres, stairs or technical rooms. In building refurbishment operations, we are at the service of real estate and direct customers who intend to start redevelopment or functional conversion of offices and public environments About flooring, we work with designers, technical management and the customer to enhance and reuse the building’s heritage, proposing sustainable and customised solutions that ensure maximum performance and functionality.

If required, we have solutions for public areas that meet the anti-slip requirements of DIN 51130 up to category R10: these are more resistant solutions thanks to the silica and carbide aggregates in the mix, which give a rougher surface.




  • Headquarters
  • Public offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Coworking areas
  • Representative offices
  • Open offices


  • Reception area
  • Executive offices
  • Standard offices
  • Open offices
  • Coworking area
  • Meeting area
  • Conference room
  • Boardroom
  • Corridors, stairs
  • Canteen
  • Toilets
  • Technical rooms
  • Multi-storey car park
  • Outdoor