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RESIN FLOORS - Large works / Infrastructures

Designing and selecting a resin coating for infrastructure has very different requirements depending on the application. Concerning major projests, through our own internal structure facing the same in complete autonomy, both from an executive and organizational point of view, through their own highly qualified staff. We have also identified high-quality flooring systems (intended as high performance materials and innovative application technologies) to prevent deterioration problems occurrence, shifting maintenance far ahead over time. All in compliance with current regulations.



Decorative versatility, unchanged performance over time, and minimal maintenance are some of the main points required for crowded public places. For exhibition halls or exhibition areas, as these are high-traffic areas, flooring solutions must guarantee high resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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Elastic, high-strength polyurethane waterproofing systems, particularly suitable for bridges and walkways or outdoor pedestrian flat roofs. Compliant with UNI EN 1504-2: performance according to EU regulations for the protection of reinforced concrete.

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Epoxy multilayer flooring is a proven solution for railway stations where high performance is required such as durability, safety, resistance, and functionality, without forgetting the aesthetic aspect, usually minimalist or decorative. All solutions can be customized according to project requirements to define spaces, direct passengers through the structure, and include elements in the flooring or tactile paths. In high-transit, high-stress areas, high-thickness epoxy mortar systems can be realized, providing much higher performance for long-term durability and resistance to steel trolley traffic and other types of abrasion.

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To facilitate orientation and usability, spaces must first be easy-to read, that is, have an internal coherence that makes it easy to understand how they are organized. It is also important that the various elements of the space are easy to identify for those moving through the environment. Self-levelling cementitious floor coverings or floor coverings with a strong material effect, with a variety of finishing effects. Resin flooring plays an active and important role in the horizontal and vertical signage of modern wayfinding systems: thanks to the wide range of colors available, it is possible to create precise wall or floor signage, pictograms, and text in colors of great visual impact.

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Passenger, baggage and waiting areas, as well as other high-traffic areas within the airport, require a floor that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable, safe and comfortable. High performance comfort polyurethane systems, or the more decorative Venetian terrazzo type, are characterised by long life, higher resistance than traditional epoxy systems and are able to withstand the constant, heavy foot traffic and intensive cleaning procedures of airports.

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An epoxy trowel mortar system is a floor that can withstand heavy traffic and loads and is ideal for restoring old industrial floors, with a thickness of 6 to 15 mm, giving it exceptional mechanical and wear resistance. It is also possible to apply the epoxy mortar system on heavily damaged existing floors or to restore minimal slopes and depressions in concrete floors, without completely demolitioning the existing substrate. These solutions have a high chemical resistance, offer complete protection against the spillage of fluids used in aviation, and are recommended for all areas exposed to this type of risk. They are ideal for military and defense facilities such as aircraft and ship maintenance hangars, storage areas, canteens, ammunition facilities, and even multi-purpose vehicles.

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Resin solutions are suitable for coating the floors of heliports or airfields located on the ground or above ground, as they guarantee a surface free of irregularities that could adversely affect helicopter landing or take-off operations. High-performance resin coatings can withstand exposure to atmospheric agents and the frequent use of de-icing salts required to keep the runway clean at all times. They withstand extreme stress and abrasion, sufficient to withstand an aborted helicopter take-off or withstand the down flow of a rotor. Our services include the creation of runway signage to guide pilots during landing and take-off operations.

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  • Exhibition environments
  • Airports
  • Helicopter platforms
  • Transit places
  • Railway stations
  • Underground stations
  • Bus terminals
  • Military and defence sector, hangar
  • Ports
  • Bridges, viaducts and tunnels


Crack bridging ability

Chemical Resistance



Working Safe


VOC Free

Bfl-s1 fire class

Contribute to the building’s Leed score


CONCRETE FLOORS - Airport flooring

In exceptional areas such as airports and aeronautical bases, are required special performance flooring. In the aircraft parking areas, to carry the loads of aircraft during shunting operations, during the stop, and in loading and unloading, in the high-performance concrete flooring must have high-quality features with exceptional compressive strength and durability.


We produce tailor-made cladding slabs for wall installation. The slabs can be of the “Concrete” type and “Venetian Terrazzo” type, but also of other type depending on the project specifications.


Concrete floors polishing treatment.
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WAYFINDING - Horizontal and vertical signage

Resin coatings play an active and important role in horizontal and vertical signage: wide range of colours available. It is possible to create wall or floor signage, pictograms and eye-catching lettering.