Traditional Laying

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CONCRETE FLOORS - Traditional Laying

Concrete flooring laid in agreement with traditional method can be done by joining a hydraulic binder (cement) with aggregates (sand, gravel, gravel) mixed with water and any additives to form a mixture.

First of all, it’s prepared the subbase on which the slab will be laid, after analysis of the ground kind in order to correctly levelling the surface, rolling and compacting several layers, to obtain a thickness as constant as possible, avoiding undulations and imperfections. On this surface, a stabilized compound is laid, which creates solid support.

On this layer, if necessary, polyethylene and TNT sheets are laid to provide insulation.

Above this, a reinforcement, consisting of electro-welded mesh and / or fibers (which limits movements and cracks in the floor, and embedding of the concrete slabs) will be positioned, sized according to the executive project.

Following concrete casting and hardening, the flooring is partitioned in squares by using diamond disc cutters, creating contraction joints and construction joints.

Contraction joints reduce traction due to volume variations caused by temperature changes and water evaporation, thus limiting cracks formation.

Construction joints, however, allow horizontal displacements, they must also prevent vertical movements. They act as bridges between the various casting fields and ensure stress transfer from one slab to another.

Traditional laying flooring.