ESG and sustainability

Our daily commitment

We aim to increasingly promote the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance challenges.

ESG – Environmental
We cannot ignore the environment in which we live and operate. We consider suitable only solutions able to guarantee high eco-compatibility. We use products with very low VOC emissions, without pollutants and solvents. We limit the travel distances between the origin place of the raw materials and that of production and use. We operate to ensure the simultaneous work continuation of our clients. All residues from our construction sites reach authorized landfills. The resin systems or polyurethane cement coatings used have a LEED® Information Statement specifying how they could contribute to the formation of the credit of a building’s LEED.

ESG – Social
We apply workplace health and safety regulations and adopt behaviors that support corporate welfare.

ESG – Governance
For us, it is the opportunity to develop awareness and knowledge sharing of best practices, leveraging permanent interaction and dialogue, both between different realities (companies, construction companies, and real estate operators) and within our company.

Corporate welfare

People – We value our team

We realize floorings which are not just made of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, but made by people above all. Part of our success is due to people that provide us seriousness, skills, and all their effort every single day. Investing in persons is a duty for us. They represent our competitive advantage.

Free supplementary policy
For more time, Prima Pavimenti has included a supplementary health policy (UNISALUTE) complementary to the services of the Construction Funds for all its employees.

Life experience

Supporting sport thinking to young people.
In sport as in work fields we firmly believe that values such as honesty, loyalty and continuous efforts always lead to achieve better goals. Reliability, solid ethical principles, and respect for the environment are the values ​​underlying the partnership. This one of the key messages from our CEO, Giorgio Di Capua.

Taking care of others
For quite some time, we have been giving Christmas greetings, in a special way, by sending the postcards of the Lega del Filo d’Oro, the Association that for over 50 years helped deaf and blind people to free from isolation.

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