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Concrete, featured mainly by concrete, water and inerts correct doses mixed each other, is a highly resistant material with a specific level of permeability. For our customers we can offer special concretes, adding performance elements, (cement, water, aggregates, fibers, additives, expansive agents, SRA).

The strength and hardness features make it ideal for many uses in the building industry.

We use it in large works, infrastructures, in industrial areas, warehouses, squares and parkings, of any size, which need secure and strong support bases: work environments in which safety also depends on good flooring.

The 2018 review of construction technical standards includes industrial flooring in structural works, therefore also subject to design. The concrete floors are then executed according to the design specifications.

We provide our customers with our experience, quality and passion to ensure the best functional result and high quality appearance with exclusive colors for both finishing and pasting finishes, or polished Polishing effect.

pavimenti industriali in calcestruzzo
Without joints – Very resistant, suitable for logistics, lower maintenance costs.
pavimenti industriali in calcestruzzo cemento
Laser screed – Planarity controlled during drafting stage.
pavimenti industriali cemento
Controlled flatness – High flatness for automatic warehouses at great heights.