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CONCRETE FLOORS - Airport flooring

In exceptional areas such as airports and aeronautical bases, are required special performance flooring.

In the aircraft parking areas, to carry the loads of aircraft during shunting operations, during the stop, and in loading and unloading, in the high-performance concrete flooring must have high-quality features with exceptional compressive strength and durability.

Featured solutions are related to technical opportunities and innovative materials, so considering performance, airport maintenance management is choosing them more for airport structures renovation. These solutions respond excellently to needs not resolved by ‘traditional’ concrete flooring (phenomena of cracking following the hygrometric shrinkage).

Long-term experience in the field during all phases of the intervention is essential in this type of intervention:

  • demolition of the existing flooring,
  • removal of the unsuitable underlying layers,
  • stabilization and restoration of the substrate,
  • concrete casting,
  • checks on finished work.

Concrete flooring in the airport apron.
Concrete floor for helicopters of fire brigade.
Concrete floor for airport.
Concrete casting.