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Radiant heating floors, suitable for large surfaces, which have to withstand high loads and intense traffic, have pipes layed on the ground above insulating material, then embedded in the concrete. On pipes will circulate low temperature water (cooling) or up to 40° C (heating), in a closed circuit on a very extended radiant surface.

Radiant panels create conditions for heat diffusion from bottom to upwards; they give heat by irradiation, so no hot air currents on the ceiling and cold air on the floor.

They are used in industrial and commercial fields as they do not disturb the aesthetics. Panels are included under subbase and they are ideal for air-conditioning historic buildings or museums, optimizing space and energy saving.

They also have the following benefits, creating a healthy and hygienic environment:

  • Improved air quality: avoid warming atmospheric dust, which can cause a sense of irritation and irritation to the throat;
  • Avoid high dust circulation, which can cause allergies and breathing problems;
  • Avoid the formation of wet areas and floor molds, counteracting bacterial proliferation, and limit internal condensation formation;
  • They help preserve wall plaster because they do not dirty of black smoke like traditional heating systems.

Radiant flooring.