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Environmentally friendly

Air quality is very important because it has the potential to affect comfort and health: from simple nuisances (odors, eye, and skin irritation) to the development of pathologies such as respiratory allergies.

Tested and certified by the independent RFCI institute in California, Dickson® textile floorcoverings meet Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission criteria. They are known for their contribution to enhancing indoor air quality.

The upper textile layer of Dickson® floor coverings has always been made without phthalates to improve the well-being of users and the quality of the air and internal spaces.

For this new collection, Dickson® has produced a coating without phthalates (including the bottom layer) and without plasticizers, providing increased comfort and safety to any environment and its users.

This commitment to eliminating harmful substances from the new collection is part of Dickson®‘s eco-innovation approach and respects the European brand REACH.